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Importer swings open largest Lamborghini showroom/service hub in Asia-Pacific 

Jan 10. 2019
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RENAZZO Motors Co Ltd, appointed as the official importer of Italian supercar brand Lamborghini last year, has opened a new showroom and service centre with an investment of Bt180 million. 

Apichat Leenutaphong, CEO of Renazzo Motors, said the new 465-sqm facility, which carries the official status of Lamborghini Bangkok, took just 6 months to build and is the largest Lamborghini showroom and full service centre in the Asia-Pacific region.

“We have a capacity to service 1,000 cars per year with 7 fully air-conditioned service bays and the most comprehensive tool and equipment among Lamborghini facilities in this region,” he said. Federico Foschini, chief commercial officer of Automobili Lamborghini, said Lamborghini has been here for 10 years but this is a new start for the brand in the Kingdom.

“It is a new era for Lamborghini in Thailand,” Foschini said. During the past 2-3 years, Lamborghini has been restructuring its network, removing dealers that are not up to standard. It presently has 157 dealers around the world.

The Italian supercar maker has been highly successful in the global market during the past 10 years with double-digit sales growth since 2010 when it sold just 1,302 vehicles. Last year it sold more than 5,500 vehicles from just 3 models – the Aventador, Huracan and Urus SUV. While 4,000 units came from supersports models, as much as 1,500 units came from the Urus.

“We have still to know the full potential of the Urus in Thailand but it has been a game-changer around the world so it should be similar in Thailand,” Foschini said.

 “In Thailand, we will launch the Huracan EVO during the second part of the year and expect to gain the leading position in the mid supercar market.”

Since it was introduced last year, there has been 10 orders placed for the Urus in Thailand. The new SUV model opens up a new market for Lamborghini, drawing customers from upper luxury brands as well as from high-end competitors.

“The Urus is a challenge for us because it opens up a much wider customer base and many of them have very high expectations,” he said. “During the past several years Lamborghini has won many new customers and we can’t afford to disappoint them.”

Foschino said the sales target for Thailand is 40-50 units once Lamborghini’s operations is firmly established, which he thinks may pose a challenge for his Thai partners.

“We want to grow gradually with no market push, which will help preserve the residual value of our used cars,” he said.


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