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A BRAND new experience for car lovers

Mar 22. 2019
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LUXURY car enthusiasts are getting acquainted with a new name for a business they know well: B Autohaus.

It is the snappier moniker for Benz Auto Service Co Ltd that emerged from a rebranding in a bid to consolidate the company’s position in Thailand’s market for imported cars.

The rebadged company recently hosted the opening of the B Autohaus showroom, promoting itself as a provider of “360-degree auto services”. Alongside the showroom are AN auto service centre, a paint shop and what the company calls an auto spa. 

B Autohaus’ executives say they have made a strong statement by being the first local importer to offer the new Jeep Renegade. 

Expecting the upper tier of the country’s auto industry to continue growing, the company targets Bt1.2 billion in sales in 2019. 

The company has named singer Two Popetorn as presenter of the brand. It says it will step up its efforts to attract high-end consumers who are passionate about premium cars and exceptional experience.

 “Considering the diversity of demand for premium auto brands and first-class auto services in Thailand, we have made a decision to rebrand Benz Auto Service, a Mercedes Benz distribution business with over 30 years of experience and a team of professional experts,” says Akarawatt Kongsirikan, managing director of B Autohaus Co.

 “B Autohaus has emerged as an upgraded business version with a concept of offering 360 degrees of auto services, which defines the ultimate auto service package.

“Capable of providing complete professional services to high-end luxury car owners, B Autohaus offers a wide range of imported auto brands, namely Mercedes Benz, BMW, Toyota, Porsche, Mini, Range Rover, Ford, Jeep and more.”

Akarawatt says B Autohaus is committed to bringing the world’s new auto brands and models, including fastbacks and convertibles, to the market.

“Two years ago, we were the first to import the limited Ford Mustang EcoBoost Convertible to the market in Thailand. This year, we are pleased to be the first local distributor of Jeep Renegade,” he says.

“We will showcase this new member of B Autohaus at the Bangkok International Motor Show 2019, which will take place on March 27. Exclusively for the event, we will touch up the Renegade with Rowen, a world famous customised auto innovation provider from Japan, for which B Autohaus is now a sole official distributor in Thailand.

“For 2019, we target a total of Bt1.2 billion in sales from premium cars and auto services, and expect 30 per cent per cent growth in our Japanese premium car sales, which should be accelerated by our exclusive Rowen distributor role.

 “We are confident that the Thai auto industry will continue to grow, particularly the upper segment which has remained intact throughout the economic fluctuations. According to our sales records in the past few years, sales to high-end consumers have been rising strongly.”

 Akarawatt has high hopes for the auto service and paint shop to perform well.

“Due to a number of competitors going out of business and a gap for premium auto services in the market, many premium car owners have turned to B Autohaus as we have no restrictions on who to service or any entrance fee,” he says. 

 “This has given us the opportunity to reach out to more consumers in the market and earn their trust professionally through our utmost expertise. With the official launch of B Autohaus, we look forward to being there for those who look for the best premium car distributor and a reliable provider of 360 degrees of best-in-class auto services.”

Suthisa Kongsirikan, business development manager of B Autohaus, said: “Committed to offering exceptional customer experience that matters, B Autohaus successfully differentiates itself from competitors with first-rate before-and-after-sales services. As we aim to be accepted as a modern and reachable lifestyle brand that is ready to be friends with anyone who has a heart for premium cars, we have come to the decision to rebrand our business and operate with three new strategies. Firstly, we have decided to be the first in the industry to have a brand presenter.

“Khun Two Popetorn, with his good image of a caring man, has been selected to take the role, and will help us expand our customer base to cover the new generations. B Autohaus and Khun Two Popetorn will collaborate in many communication campaigns and activities. In fact, we are also using his voice as the automatic voice recording of our business telephone number.

“Secondly, we have included a butler service into our service line in order to accommodate the younger generations who have different needs and requirements. We aim to offer an experience of convenience, efficiency and understanding to every customer. When they drive in for services, our butlers will be there to take their cars, provide any information they may need, and then coordinate with our auto service staff. 

“For any specific detailed needs or questions, our butlers will be there. Every customer will be serviced by a personal assistance. With this new service, we are trying to offer the right premium and worry-free experience every customer of ours deserves. Lastly, B Autohaus has redesigned the whole service system, because we know that the best customer experience can only happen when all our service elements are at highest standards.

“Therefore, we have invested greatly in our employees by redesigning the entire service system and strategically training them to have the best mindset and skills. All in all, it’s delivering the perfect customer experience we are committed to mastering.”


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