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Intel unveils three marketing campaigns

Sep 16. 2014
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By Asina Pornwasin
The Nation

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Big push underway for boost in sales of PCs and tablets
Intel Microelectronics (Thailand) has launched three marketing campaigns to boost sales of Intel-based personal computers and tablets.
The “Gaming Friday with Intel” campaign is aimed at game enthusiasts; “Goodbye Roulette” targets the consumer PC market; and “Go Faster” is for the tablet market. All three of these markets are Intel focuses. 
Dudchaneeporn Pruckwattana-non, marketing manager of Intel Microelectronics (Thailand), said the campaigns would use both digital and retail marketing channels. 
“This is the first year that Intel has had so many marketing campaigns to boost both sales and awareness, especially awareness of Intel-based tablets in the Thai market. High-performance PCs for game enthusiasts are an active market with continued healthy growth, while consumer PCs represent a massive market,” she said. 
Gaming Friday with Intel is an offline campaign at retail outlets throughout the nation; it aims to attract new buyers in the gaming and graphics user groups. Meanwhile Goodbye Roulette is aimed at getting existing users to upgrade their hardware with new PCs and notebooks. 
“Go Faster is a campaign dedicated to promoting Intel-based tablets. Since we are behind our rivals in this market, we need to build awareness as well as sales,” Dudchaneeporn said.
She added that Intel was emphasising digital marketing for these campaigns, especially Goodbye Roulette and Go Faster, which are regional campaigns. Some of the marketing budget is going to online media such as Facebook, Google’s ad network, and YouTube. 
“This year, Intel is spending a lot more for marketing campaigns, both online and offline. Thailand is in the top three of Intel’s marketing budgets.” 
She said digital channels offered an efficient way of spending marketing budgets. Intel this year is piloting digital campaigns like Goodbye Roulette, which uses online adverts to lead traffic to, where customers who want to buy a new PC can instantly make a purchase at an online shop.
“Online shopping is the trend. More people will buy [information technology] products at online retail outlets. Intel realises that. We have had an outlet at Lazada since the third quarter and sales have been higher than our estimates.” 
Meanwhile, Go Faster is an integration of online and offline campaigns. It uses online adverts to lead customers to, where Intel-based tablets are available. Customers who want to buy one can do so at online shops including Lazada, JIB and  Studiophone.
“Intel started to use online channels for marketing and sales once we realise that more Thais are online almost all the time. Online channels are the best way to reach more people.  
“However, we also blend online with offline. In some campaigns we use online to lead traffic to offline, since we believe that offline shopping is still important, because people can get in touch with products,” Dudchaneeporn said.

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