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Huawei showcases digital trends

Aug 15. 2018
Jason Chen
Jason Chen
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HUAWEI Technologies Co is showcasing its digital transformation practices in Myanmar at an information and communications technology gathering hosted by the Chinese giant in Yangon.

The second Huawei Myanmar ICT Congress, which began yesterday, is drawing participants from the country’s technology sphere.

Zhang Liman, chief executive officer of Huawei Myanmar, said the company has committed itself to helping the government and the private sector to embrace digital transformation in order to bring about a better future.

The ICT congress, which lasts until August 24, is being held at the customer solution innovation and integration experience centre in Huawei’s Myanmar head office in Yangon. 

“With years of experience in the communications industry and profound customer requirement understanding, Huawei is focusing its efforts on establishing a strong industry environment and helping Myanmar leap forward, and to bring digital technology to every person, home and organisation,” said Liman.

“The event serves as an essential platform where we will share and discuss ways to collaborate with key industry partners, leading ICT organisations and institutions, operators, and other stakeholders, to create a healthy ecosystem that will create fresh opportunities, businesses, services and applications.”

He said the leading digital transformation practices in four core areas - public safety, the financial services industry, the provision of Internet services and smart cities - will be unveiled at the event. “This will fundamentally change the daily life of locals and help accelerate economic development and social progress,” he said.

Liman said the event is the sequel of an event that targeted local telecommunications carriers in June. 

Jason Chen, product manager at the firm’s EBG marketing and solution sales department, said: “This second round is targeting enterprises and it is showcasing the key technology trends, topics, feature solutions and high-end technologies which enable them to leverage innovative technologies to improve their competitive edge. This will bring them convenience and business growth.”

At a media briefing on Tuesday night, Chen shared the insights of people behind the leading products and scenario-specific solutions like a next-generation data centre, media giga access, financial cloud solutions, digital banking, collaborative public safety, smart cities, e-government and digital industry solutions.

“Huawei’s strategy is to build the nervous system for better connections. We always make sure that all things are sensible, connected and intelligent,” said Chen.

He said Huawei is promoting the construction of smart cities around the world. So far, the company’s solutions are used in more than 120 cities in over 40 countries. He highlighted the importance of smart metering, smart streetlights, smart manhole covers, smart waste bins, smart fire hydrants and smart government in the implementation of smart cities.

“Our smart city solutions are now used in Asean countries including Singapore, Indonesia and even Laos. As a member of Asean, we also believe in the Myanmar market, as the government aims to leapfrog others in terms of technology,” Chen said.

Chen said Huawei’s solutions can save a lot of time and energy for people, as “they can significantly reduce the long waiting queues, numerous paper certificates, and unbalanced load at different windows”. Additionally, the solutions are designed to address the lack of unified information verification, lack of collaboration among different agencies and insufficient data sharing.

“Regional authorities and the mayor can improve city management and decision making by using our solutions at the intelligent operation centre, based on big data. We call it building a smart city brain,” he said.

He said Huawei heavily invests in chipsets, which it considers the “heart” of technical operations that improve enterprise performance. 


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