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Videos ‘provide marketing edge to reach consumers’

Oct 31. 2018
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BRAND Now, a Bangkok-based marketing and events management company is encouraging businesses to adopt video-marketing strategies to reach customers in the digital age.

The company, which also is involved in public relations and branding strategies, said it has a Video Marketing Five-Point Recommendation.

“If a picture paints a thousand words, then a well-crafted video release could become the perfect marketing tool to capture the attention of target audience,” a company spokesman said.

According to HubSpot, 78 per cent of people watch online videos each week, with 55 per cent watching every day. Forrester Research reports that one-minute of video is worth 1.8 million words, whilst Cisco said that by 2020, more than 80 per cent of consumer Internet traffic will be made up of online videos. 

“At its best, video marketing needs to be relevant, informative and engaging, whether it is an animation or filmed content, with graphics useful for enhancing the content and adding in easy-to-assimilate facts that stand out,” the Brand Now spokesman said.

Brand Now’s five-point recommendation covers:

1. Pair with a traditional press release

Depending on the media medium, the businesses still need to supply editors with a written press release as some publications do not embed video. This gives choice and often means that both their video marketing release and press release are published at the same time.

2. Keep it short and sweet

It is tempting for businesses that are enthusiastic about their product or services to think more is more. The golden rule with video marketing is that less is generally less with a general rule of thumb, particularly for information-heavy videos, is to keep them to between one and two minutes. Extend their corporate message and their audience could switch off. 

3. Be concise and relevant

A narrated script, on-screen text and graphics presenters and interviews can all be utilised in video marketing. However, the key is to keep in mind that the writing is different than a piece that will be read. Consider speaking-speeds, time to read words on screen and also to take in information presented in an infographic or chart.

4. Create engaging and well-presented content

Think about the purpose of video marketing. In essence, it is a tool to send information to the media, that could be passed on in video form to would-be consumers. Journalists may use your video release, as they do other marketing materials, to create their own written piece. Keep in mind though that often publications will print a press release as is, so the businesses always need to make a video release presentable enough to be published too. 

5. Add movement with B-roll

B-roll is the footage ones splice between their main, to-camera interviews or presenter to-camera footage. Cleverly used, this video content can be used to effectively add to the point the businesses are making, boosting their message and capturing the attention, imagination and feelings of those watching.


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