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Wellux lights the way to Thailand 4.0

Dec 10. 2018
Thunyawich Techatadakarawin, right, managing director of Wellux (Thailand) Co Ltd, poses with Pakkinee Skularriya, marketing director, at the launch of Wellux LED lighting products in Thailand.
Thunyawich Techatadakarawin, right, managing director of Wellux (Thailand) Co Ltd, poses with Pakkinee Skularriya, marketing director, at the launch of Wellux LED lighting products in Thailand.
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WELLUX, a new LED lighting brand in Thailand, got its start from developing its expertise in electronics, and that in turn was based on its love for technology, says Thunyawich Techatadakarawin, managing director of Wellux (Thailand).

 In search of the technological leading edge, Wellux turned to South Korean giant Samsung Electronic, which agreed to a technology transfer. And now, the Thai company is launching its line of lighting solutions, manufactured here.

“We saw growing business opportunities and so chose products that respond to consumers’ needs. We chose Innovation LED Samsung Inside, an LED chip, to launch products that suit consumers in the age of digital Thailand 4.0,” Thunyawich said, noting that the use of the quality chip technology complies with Wellux’s vision to be No 1 in lighting innovation. 

Thunyawich said that the total market value of LED lights in Thailand is at about Bt5 billion. 

“Our target is to gain a share of between 5 per cent and 10 per cent of the market. Our brand aims at highlighting innovation and product development to penetrate the young generation market, with the growing trend of utilising lighting not only for convenience but also for technological advancement.

“Wellux LED lights use Innovation LED Samsung Inside with the high-quality LED Samsung chip, providing endurance and increased brightness, along with being more economical. This innovation helps Wellux to provide quality and innovation that responds to this age of innovation,” he said.

In addition to product development, Thunyawich said the company would also focus on enhancing proactive sales and marketing activities as key to its strategy. 

Wellux is excited to partner on sales and marketing activities during the launch period with Thai Samsung Electronics Co Ltd, the owner of Samsung world-class mobile phones and electronics equipment brand. Another campaign partner is Databar Co Ltd, a local distributor of Thai Samsung Electronics Co Ltd for its Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and Samsung A7. 

Wellux will launch three lighting products during the launch period, each with Innovation LED Samsung Inside. The first is I-Dapt Technology, lighting designed with eye care in mind. Within 4.5 seconds of exposure, the technology protects people’s eyes. Second is 3-Colour Dimming, which allows users to vary the lighting emotion of a room, with a switch to change from daylight, to warm light and to cool light. The third product is 3-Step Dimming, which gives the options of 100 per cent light, 50 per cent light and 15 per cent light.

“We also see the importance of marketing, branding and corporate social responsibility,” said Thunyawich. We have a marketing and PR budget of Bt50 million for the launch period. In the first three years after the launch, we expect to get Bt500 million in annual revenue. Our target customers are real estate developers, architects, contractors, the government’s projects, electrical and electronic shops. “We aim to increase our production and distribution to respond to consumers’ needs with government collaboration,” he said.

“In terms of competition, we plan to provide best products with value for money and high quality, so we chose Innovation LED Samsung Inside which is the best LED Samsung chip in the market. We will not compete with other companies, as we have distinctive selling points and match the needs of consumers with the right communication to consumers. So consumers will get the best products.

“We target premium consumers and engage them via social media and other communication. We plan to build the Wellux brand story, in order to be the consumers’ favourite brand, targeting both contractors and project customers. “This time we have chosen Innovation LED Samsung Inside, which is a world-class innovation, to help our products to be innovative and have a high quality that responds to the needs of this era.”


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