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Info provider shares ways to boost broadband experience

Feb 27. 2019
Elias Aravantinos, senior analyst at IHS Markit, briefs the press on Tuesday at the MWC19 in Barcelona, Spain.
Elias Aravantinos, senior analyst at IHS Markit, briefs the press on Tuesday at the MWC19 in Barcelona, Spain.
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DRIVEN BY GROWING data consumption around the world, service providers need to maximise the broadband experience in order to ensure customer satisfaction.

The London-based global information provider IHS Markit recently shared ways to improve the experience at the Mobile World Congress2019 in Barcelona.

Elias Aravantinos, a senior analyst at IHS Markit, told a press conference on Tuesday that premium broadband services usually results in growing the revenues of businesses around the world, citing the firm’s newly-launched white paper entitled “Home Broadband Experience Index”.

“We need to change our way of doing business in the IT new era,” he said.

Aravantinos said broadband has become a necessity in most households, and it is often considered an essential utility such as water and electricity.

“With broadband being bought as a commodity today, service providers must listen to consumers more effectively through their customer care and marketing channels, as the feedback may open opportunities to offer tailored consumer packages,” he said.

Aravantinos said service providers could reduce churn and more efficiently grow their revenues by offering and achieving a superior experience across the various levels of the broadband consumers.

“A plug-and-play broadband home increases consumer satisfaction, from the beginning of their journey,” he said.

“Consumers want to complete processes quickly, without any |specific knowledge. Service providers are encouraged to offer equipment that comfortably suits online needs.”

The index aims to identify opportunities for improvement across various stages of the end-user life cycle. It supports the benchmarking of markets through a defined system of measures, and focuses on the customers’ desires.

The analyst said premium services offer a significant advantage to society, as it enables access to knowledge and information including healthcare, education and safety of citizens.

To him, there is a role that service providers should consider playing – not only offering premium broadband experience, but also advancing the digital society to the next level.

“A combination of highly reliable connectivity, customised offers and high-quality services are the key to attractive smart home packages,” he said. Aravantinos considers service consciousness as another feature of the premium broadband experience. 

He urged service providers to offer the most positive user experience as possible as they can.

“The development of new business models that are driven by user customisation may propel the evolution of the premium broadband experience,” he said.

According to Aravantinos, creating a standard for premium home networking helps service providers respond to the consumer need for high-level service and effective WiFi at home.

As the increase in global data transmission is directly linked to the deployment of fibre-optic cable, service providers should adopt a premium network standard, a fibre -based solution, along with a premium WiFi solution to respond to the consumers’ needs, he said.

During the media briefing, Aravantinos also discussed multiple issues and challenges facing service providers globally, including limited selection of service packages, long subscription process, peak hour speed downgrades, and slow response to customers’ complaints.

He also talked about the five key components of service providers: marketing impact, service provisioning, service perception, network performance and customer care.

“A standardised in-home service will work to eliminate the last-mile bottleneck that significantly impacts the broadband service of end users,” he said.


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