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Sansiri aims to top last year’s record sales with 16 new projects

Mar 19. 2019
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Property developer Sansiri Public Co Ltd has continued its solid momentum in low-rise housing following last year’s Bt18.8-billion sales record and 40 per cent year-on-year growth.

It is now planning to tap deeper into the market with 16 new projects, including single houses and townhouses, worth more than Bt24.2 billion in 2019. 

Targeting all segments in Bangkok and major cities across the country, the developer anticipates Bt14.4 billion in presales from the execution of the “Sansiri for Greater Well-being” vision through its products, including its first launch of 2019, “Setthasiri Thawiwatthana”. Boasting a total value of Bt2 billion, the project introduces the first-ever “dust-free house” in Thailand, aiming to prevent the adverse health effects caused by PM2.5.

Somkiat Hongsuppinyo, executive vice president of the Low-Rise Project Development Division, said 2018 was Sansiri’s best year ever. “We broke through previously established milestones and set several new ones, including the highest presales record in our 34-year history of Bt48.5 billion and a 40 per cent year-on-year growth in the low-rise housing market.” 

Meanwhile, the single house brands in its portfolio also gained substantial success and saw an impressive 35 per cent growth as a result of strong customer reception in Bangkok and other provinces, he added.

This year, Sansiri is poised to launch a total of 28 projects worth Bt46,600 million with a focus on low-rise houses to ensure a diverse and balanced company portfolio and fulfill the continuously increasing demands for single houses and townhouses in the market, said Somkiat. 

Of the total 28 projects, 16 projects will be low-rise properties set to increase the low-rise housing market share in all price ranges and segments, with a total value of more than Bt24.2 billion. The low-rise projects scheduled to be launched this year for upscale to upper-midscale consumers include the S-segmented Tiger Lane project, the mid-high-segmented Setthasiri project and the Burasiri project. Meanwhile, more affordable choices this year will include Saransiri, Kanasiri, Anasiri, Habitia and Siri Place projects. 

“Starting this year, new projects developed under the umbrella of Sansiri will feature slight improvements that cater to the current living trends and specific needs of certain target groups, such as families with elders and children, health-conscious individuals and environmentally-friendly residents,” Somkiat said.

Setthasiri Thawiwatthana is Sansiri’s first single-house project of the year and boasts a total value of over Bt2 billion. 

The project is built on Sansiri’s 2019 key vision, “For Greater Well-Being” which reflects the developer’s strong commitment to promoting holistic wellness in parallel with comfortable living and environmental conscience through all physical, mental and social well-being elements present in the projects. 

The Setthasiri Thawiwatthana project consists of two-storey single houses, each located on a minimum land plot of 400 square metres. Priced at Bt15-20 million, the project’s units are located in a prime area with easy access to mass transit. The transit connects to Bangkok’s inner zone and provinces within its vicinity via Srirat Expressway and Boromrajchonnee Elevated Expressway along with the extension of MRT Blue Line that is scheduled to start operation this year as well as the suburban railway system Light Red Line in 2022.

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