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Debt Collection Services: Making Overdues Never Too Late

Mar 27. 2019
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Debt collection involves pursuing late payments of debts made by individuals or corporate accounts.

In B2B business model, a debt collection agency, or debt collector, is a specialized entity who can turn overdues bills into money for the creditors and make the loss not too high. Generally, collection agencies are outsourced to work as the creditor’s agent, pursuing debts with the debtor and getting paid with a fee or percentage of the total amount collected.

The debt collection agencies are of several types. First, a first-party agency is recognized as a subsidiary of the company the debt is owed to. Second, a third-party agency is established as an individual company being contracted or outsourced by the company to act as an agent. Lastly, a debt buyer agency may welcome the sale of a debt from the company. The debt buyer agrees to buy debts from creditors for a percentage of the value of the debt. Then, it may pursue the debtor for the full balance due, including any interest that accrues under the terms of the original loan or credit agreement.

Debt collection agencies with commission agreement are essentially motivated to convince the debtors to pay the due. The business practice of debt collection, however, is usually regulated by the government. So, the processes vary, depending on the country. Sometimes, a debt collection agency is allowed to contact a person who can specify the location of the debtor. Nevertheless, this practice may cause an error. The debtor, for example, may fall into a victim of identity theft because he/she has the same name and surname. In this kind of case, a lawsuit can be done to verify that the debt is already paid by one.  With the aforementioned skills needed, international debt collection is a special field and multi-disciplinary in its nature. Its employees must be trained to properly communicate with some emotional debtors. Sometimes, they must communicate in multiple languages and must be aware of possible legal issues that may be involved in the process.

Among reputable debt collection agencies, Reign Collections from Australia usually has a dedicated team of lawyers, litigators, hostile negotiators, private investigators and close personal ex-military security experts with a decade or more of the experience in their respective fields. The reputable agency stands second to none in locating those who owe the company the debt and collecting the debt or liquidating or bankrupting them respectively. Each case is unique and a reputable agency tailor-makes each collection based on the individual merits. As a debt collection agency with an international footprint in Singapore, London, Hong Kong, Bangkok, New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Melbourne and Sydney, they represent you with the utmost detailed legalized service in any city you are. The professional teams in each city can cater to your specific situation while gently maintaining the creditor-debtor relationship.


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