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Kingdom ranks high in 'online motivation' in survey

Aug 19. 2013
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Among 33 nations across the globe, Thailand took fourth place for being most motivated online, according to a Mindshare Digital Normalness Index survey.
“This new research is a fresh way of looking at online national audiences and shows the importance of understanding that every group is motivated by different reasons when they go online – and when in these different ‘modes’ they need to be communicated with in bespoke ways, making the use of adaptive marketing techniques vital,” Norm Johnston, global digital leader for Mindshare, a new global media agency network, said yesterday.
The report titled “Are You Digitally Normal?” found that Thais came second only to the Chinese in their motivation for transactional use of the Web, but lagged in the use of the Internet for information purposes at 25th. 
Thailand also saw an above-average score for being motivated by communication/self-expression at fifth place and an around-average score for use of the Internet for entertainment at 14th. 
Overall the Kingdom takes fourth place for being most motivated online after China, Portugal and Singapore. 
The research uses a methodology that looks at the motivations behind online behaviour, including self-expression, entertainment, information gathering and transacting. 
Of the 33 countries, only 14 were above “normal” in their use of digital communications across the four motivation areas compared with the quality of their infrastructure – leaving the rest, which includes Britain, the United States, Australia and Japan, lagging behind “normal”.
The research also challenged preconceptions. For example, the US was the world’s richest nation, but with people who were less motivated to go online for transactions than almost every other nation on the planet, Johnston said.

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