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AP Thailand unveils 3 service innovations

Jun 10. 2019
Vittakarn Chandavimol, chief of corporate strategy and creation at AP (Thailand) Group
Vittakarn Chandavimol, chief of corporate strategy and creation at AP (Thailand) Group
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THE property developer AP Thailand will today unveil three new service innovations as part of its blueprint for an improved quality of life for residents.

The first innovation, Katsan, is a 24/7 intelligent personal guardian. Homewiser, the second introduction, is a personal home adviser based on the concept of preventative maintenance, while the third, YourNextU, is a learning innovation that follows what AP calls its “learning buffet model”. The firm says it aims to create a new standard for society through products that have emerged from its investment in independent businesses seeking innovative solutions using teams of professionals under Claymore and SEAC.

These innovations were created and developed using “Stanford design thinking” to meet a number of unmet needs. They will be used in pilot efforts to lift up the life quality of AP customers, while the company welcomes opportunities for the general public to benefit from the innovations. 

AP Thailand diversified into other businesses to go beyond property development, as they sought solutions that enhance the quality of life under the flag of “AP World: A vision for quality of life”, explained Vittakarn Chandavimol, chief of corporate strategy and creation at AP (Thailand) Group. 

“Today is a good starting point for AP Thailand Group to deliver on the promise to create good quality of life for society with our newest three service innovations that are the products of Thai innovators. They are Katsan, Homewiser and YourNextU and they answer our needs for tomorrow’s security, preventive maintenance and education for people’s development. These innovations reinforce the main mission to build a new living standard.”

The innovations were created by Claymore and SEAC, composed of teams of Thai specialists who work independently from AP using “Stanford design thinking” as their main tool to develop innovations to meet unmet needs. Claymore developed two Katsan and Homewiser home security and preventive maintenance service innovations. For its part, SEAC was tasked with developing knowledge and the quality of people in an organisation and society at large by creating a learning innovation. The result, YourNextU, is a learning innovation and ecosystem distinguished by its “learning buffet model”, which allows for unlimited learning with more than 300 courses – online and offline – to develop people’s potential and all-around capabilities.

“We will have pilot use of the three service innovations to improve the quality of life of AP customers, and will offer them for the general public – not limited to just customers living in AP’s residential projects – so as to be in line with our intent to improve the quality of life of everyone in society,” said Vittakarn. Katsan is the only quality of life design innovation that serves to bring security management in a residential project to a new dimension, he added, while Homewiser is a quality of life design innovation that offers peace of mind for home maintenance in a new dimension. 

Nipatra Tangpojthavepol, executive director of SEAC, the first and only lifelong learning centre in Asean, said, “SEAC wants to play a part in building a lifelong learning society where everyone can learn and develop themselves anywhere at any time. Today, digital disruption is making people’s knowledge and skills quickly become out of date and irrelevant. Many have started to recognise the importance of reskilling to keep abreast with the changing world.

“Hence, we intended to create and design a learning innovation and ecosystem to help reskilling and respond to changes in the world, lifestyles and learning styles of everyone regardless of gender and age as we look to continue the mission to deliver good quality of life for everyone in society.” YourNextU is the world’s first design innovation to disrupt education. Distinguished as a world-class education service, the Learning Buffet Model ensures learners can learn endlessly and repeatedly with no limits to classes and through more than 300 world-class programmes offering a mix of learning approaches.


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