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INET works with NetApp to enable cloud services with NetApp object-based storage solution using S3 p

Aug 29. 2018
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Internet Thailand Plc. (INET) and NetApp (Thailand) Limited, unveiled INET S3 Service, a joint solution to support customer demand for secure data storage in the public cloud.

The S3-compatible offering aims to improve the operational efficiencies and stability for Thailand-based businesses, while providing privacy and data protection in the cloud with ISO 27018 compliance, INET said in a press statement.

Wanchai Vach-shewadumrong, Deputy Managing Director, INET, said, “With growth comes the need for additional data infrastructure, and businesses in Thailand are quickly understanding the competitive advantages offered by cloud-based data storage and management solutions. NetApp is a leader in data storage and management, and this partnership proves INET’s commitment toward providing a wide range of enterprise-ready cloud services. Our industry-proven cloud infrastructure, with NetApp technology, enables INET S3 Service to offer security that’s of international standards to our customers, further boosting their global competitiveness. I’m confident our customers will benefit immensely from the boost in the capability to manage workloads and the security offered by the solution.”

“The definition of success in business is changing. INET S3 Service is built upon our vision to enable ‘One Platform’ that connects public and private sectors with people, through a grand focus on identification, collaboration, electronic documents, and authentication through ‘ONE ID’, user identification, which will allow users access to email (, cloud storage and chat platforms. Part of the provisions include NetApp’s ability to manage financial data in compliance with stringent regulations. This would provide businesses with the ability to create electronic tax invoices through our e-Tax Invoice and email them to the Electronic Transactions Development Agency (ETDA) for trusted timestamping. Thanks to the S3 protocol, businesses can be confident their e-Tax filings are compliant not just with local requirements, but also with those of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)—further cementing our position as a leader amongst all e-Tax Invoice service providers”  added Mr. Wanchai Vach-shewadumrong. 

Weera Areeratanasak, Managing Director, Malaysia Indonesia, Thailand and CLM NetApp ASEAN, said, “This partnership is one amongst the many between NetApp and INET—and we’re confident it’s not the last as INET is now a Platinum Partner in the Cloud Service Provider Program. Our past collaborations have created successes, such as the INET Virtual Machine (VM) as a Service, Private Cloud Service, and Active-Active Data Center. INET S3 brings this further, combining a secure cloud with S3 transfer acceleration, providing businesses with a new cloud option that overcomes increasing transactional data challenges in the local business space—which allows enterprises to move forward in their digital transformation strategies.”

INET S3 Service is part of the INET FlexPod Cloud portfolio, which incorporates world-class cloud storage and security technologies. INET S3 Service provides cloud storage that can be accessed anytime, anywhere, through the S3 protocol with strong encryption and superior security. This cloud storage is suitable for storing log files, documents (such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, image and multimedia files), files that need sequential access, and backup archives.

INET said in the press statement that the new service has following better features:

●        INET S3 Service meets business requirements of any size, from small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to large enterprises.

●        INET S3 Service is based on INET’s reliable infrastructure with a large backbone, fast data transfer and highly available resources.

●        It is backed by two INET Cloud centers, along with secondary networks, providing secure disaster recovery capabilities to all customers.

●        It is guaranteed with a SLA of 99.90% uptime.

INET said the new service has following benefits: 

●        Cost saving. INET S3 Service helps reduce up-front capital investment for IT by turning it into operating expenses.

●        Agility. Management in the web portal allows customers to manage resources anytime, anywhere, through the internet.

●        Flexibility. Customers can quickly and easily scale and provision resources according to their specific requirements.

●        Security. Customers can be assured of privacy and data protection in compliance with international standard ISO 27018.

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