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Rayong gains appetite for value-added fruit and herbal products

Dec 01. 2018
Srung Smanmoo (left), Suwat Faprathanchai (middle) and Chotchai Buadit (right) at Suphattraland, a fruit garden.
Srung Smanmoo (left), Suwat Faprathanchai (middle) and Chotchai Buadit (right) at Suphattraland, a fruit garden.
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WITH the aim of setting up Rayong in the role of a world-centre for value-added fruit and herbal products, Suphattraland fruit garden is collaborating with partners to create a world-class research hub at its site in the province. 

Suphattraland is working with the Drug Discovery and Development Centre and partners to create a research and development centre, the Suphattraland Excellent Agriculture Research Centre Hub (SEARCH), along with the Thailand Equatorial Fruit and Herbal Park.

  The centre will collect fruits and herbs from countries that share Thailand’s equatorial latitude, said Suwat Faprathanchai, managing director of Suphattraland. Those countries are Vietnam, the Philippines, India, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Chad, Niger, Mali, Mauritania and Mexico.

Srung Smanmoo, deputy director of R&D and innovative product development for Drug Discovery and Development Centre at Thammasat University, said SEARCH is a collaboration between the university’s centre and others partners including Suphattraland.

Also involved is the National Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology or Biotec. It will also provide R&D services and set up a health and anti-ageing innovative product centre, as well as social enterprises and a company CSR centre, along with a digital marketing channel to support the private sector and market.

SEARCH will function as an R&D and innovation network centred in the nation’s eastern region. It would build on current knowledge and know-how, while linking a network of R&D researchers in the region and nationwide to support both the government and private sectors.

“I think that SEARCH will create an R&D and innovation ecosystem between researchers, government and business in Rayong province and nationwide,” said Srung.

“As result, it will support business sustainability and improve 

the quality of life for people in Rayong and the Eastern region of the country. 

Meanwhile, SEARCH will also promote smart agricultural farming,” he added.

Chotchai Buadit, general manager at Suphattraland, noted SEARCH will have a role in R&D and manufacturing innovative processed fruit and herbal products focused on good health and anti-ageing.

But its work with go beyond that to also develop an innovative products distribution channel for outstanding local products through an innovative products shop or outlet for customers and visitors seeking products to improve their health and ageing.

In the first step, the shop or outlet would provide eight innovative products including Durian Mineral Facial Spray, an anti-acne and scar removal spray. Chotchai said it was the world’s first deodoriser and disinfectant spray to offer the benefit of killing germs and with the power to destroy bad odours. 

Another product is fizzy tablets that ensures each bite of a diner’s fruits and vegetables are safe from pesticides and food-borne pathogens. 

Another product is an anti-wrinkle and fine-lines removal serum from a silk protein- hyaluronic acid hybrid. The hybrid serum is the world’s first to combine the power of moisture-locking silk protein with hyaluronic acid to boost hydration as well as the minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The serum is best for visibly improving skin’s elasticity and tone, said Chotchai. 

This powerful serum is formulated with the highest level of silk protein, hyaluronic acid and vitamin A.

A clothes-cooling spray with the ability to cool for more than two hours will also be available, as will a fruit infused honey. Also, a cooling spray suitable for those suffering from osteoarthritis will be for sale. Products that block sugar absorption and diet products will also be available.

“We offer innovative processed durian and mangosteen in both tapioca and alginate pearls. Our edible tapioca and alginate pearls are formulated with different source of soluble fibres, which exhibit sugar-absorption blocking and satiety properties,” said Chotchai.

“People who want to control their weight and diet would still enjoy the richness of the taste of durian and mangosteen while eating durian and mangosteen tapioca or alginate pearls.” 

Suphattraland is offering free visits to its fruit garden during December 3-5 for those interested in smart agricultural gardening.

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