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JOOX to add more exclusive content on site

Feb 09. 2019
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By The Nation Weekend 

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JOOX aims to be the key entertainment platform, connecting people with all their musical moments and for all their digital lifestyles. 

It continues to emphasise its leadership in the music streaming industry, with its next move targeted at building up its music-lover communities through “VDO Karaoke” and “Live Korean Concert” features. 

JOOX had over 3 billion music streaming sessions in 2018, a 50 per cent increase from 2016. 

Music streaming has become a part of people’s lifestyles and is tending to increase globally, says Krittee Manoleehagul, managing director of Tencent (Thailand) and a JOOX Thailand executive. The smartphone is the device of choice for music lovers, with 75 per cent of them streaming. 

For 2019, JOOX continues to promote and support artists’ works through enhanced content dimensions with the Collaboration Project. They seek to create more exclusive content along with cross-genre collaborations, all in aid of producing outstanding music featuring Thai and international artists. 

New content and music videos are the key factors in attracting listeners. 

“As for Joox, we have welcomed new artists whose works – from all across genres – play an important role in our platform. We keep moving forward to have JOOX the preferred entertainment platform for everyone in this ecosystem,” said Krittee.

There will also be more exclusive content from its “Collaboration Projects” that feature joint works among Thai artists or among Thai and international artists.

The company also deploys a O2O2O strategy (Online to Offline and back to Online experiences) that combine both online and offline platforms in order to nurture added value all across the music industry regardless of genres, artists and labels. 

JOOX now hosts over 3,400 editorial playlists, along with over 11 million individual user-created playlists. 

Moreover, JOOX was awarded Google Play Store’s “User’s Choice App” in 2018, with an average of 90 minutes daily spent on the JOOX Music Application. Statistically, 41.2 per cent of JOOX users are in the 18-25 age range and its revenue model is based on VIP subscriptions and media partners.

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