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Autumn in Penang? Bright yellow angsana in full bloom

Apr 22. 2018
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IT’S spring time again with the angsana trees now in full bloom, creating a golden yellow carpet in some parts of Penang.

The “golden shower” can be spotted in several areas on the island as the withered petals of the trees fell like snow to form a yellow carpet on the ground.

These flowers usually bloom in March until early April and they only stay on the trees for a day. Teacher B. Premala, 61, said she was mesmerised by the sight of the flowers.

“Whenever they are in season, I am in awe of their beauty. It is really nice to see the bright yellow flowers standing out among the leaves on the trees, and when they drop, they leave a nice yellow bed on the ground,” she said.

Several passers-by could be seen taking snapshots of the picturesque scene with their mobile phones and cameras.

Nevertheless, Penang Island City Council road sweepers will be kept busy as they have to clear the petals to keep the roads clean.

The angsana flowers are also known as “Qing Ming flowers” as they usually bloom in March and last through the Qing Ming (Chinese All Souls Day) until early April.




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