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Online VES system to ease cross-border journeys

Apr 30. 2018
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AS PART OF continuous efforts to enhance the delivery of services to traders and the public, Brunei’s Royal Customs and Excise Department (RCED) has announced the implementation of an online Vehicle Exit/Entry System.

The department said in a press statement that the new system will facilitate and expedite the application approval process for driving vehicles across borders through control posts by applying online through the RCED portal, which can be accessed anywhere and anytime.

According to the statement, the implementation of the VES system will replace the manual system of forms which is currently used and is hoped to reduce traffic congestion at control posts for filling in vehicle forms.

The department will also be introducing a QR code system to scan VES passes, which will reduce waiting time and the time taken to enter data into the system.

The RCED urged the public to use this online system and get a VES pass before doing any cross-border activities by registering their respective vehicles through the VES system online before the date and time of their journey or activity.

In addition, members of the public who are owners of vehicles are encouraged to update their e-mail information in the Land Transport System (JPD) to enable notifications to be sent to them whenever their vehicle is registered in the VES system.

The VES pass can also be stored in digital format and uploaded to smartphones, tablets and so on or printed on paper, depending on preference. Users should scan the VES pass on scanner machines provided at control posts.

The press statement also noted that the validity period for a VES pass is three months from the date of registration.


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