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Phuket’s water supply in a critical state

Apr 23. 2019
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Phuket’s water supremos are now admitting the island’s water situation is critical – a situation they have had the power to avert, but have chosen instead to “hope” for monsoonal rains and go in search of alternative water sources to top up the dwindling catchment resources.

Phuket is now in the throes of a water shortage. The Phuket Provincial Waterworks Authority (PWA) says the water supply in Bang Wad Dam is only enough for the end of next month if no rain arrives.

PWA manager Kraisorn Mahamat said on Tuesday: “The water in Bang Wad Dam (Kathu) is only enough up to the end of next month if there is no rain, while the other two reservoirs have enough until the rain comes.”

Meanwhile, some residents around the island have randomly had their water supply wither and cut off completely, or reduced to an unusable trickle. 

Many are being forced to buy water from private suppliers, and the sight of water trucks driving around the island’s roads has become common over the past month.

The Phuket Provincial Irrigation Office says that authorities will now have to decrease the water supplies for residents to ensure that there is enough water until the end of the dry season. 

The issue of Phuket’s water management has become a hot topic on social media as residents and businesses question the management of the island’s water resources.

“We are solving the problem by buying water supplies from the private sector. We hope that we can handle the situation during this drought. Residents must help us to save water, too,” the office said.

Phuket City mayor Somjai Suwansuppana said: “In the future, we might have a project that can change seawater into freshwater or change waste water into clean water, if these water shortages continue.”


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