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Tak takes some of it back

May 11. 2012
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Actress Bongkot "Tak" Kongmalai, always one to speak her mind, found herself taking back her words after she generated criticism for her Facebook status updates on the death of lese majeste detainee Ampon "Akong" Tangnoppakul, aka Uncle SMS.


“Akong’s death is karma,” was one of the things she said that generated no “likes” but instead a number of “foul words” from angry people.
Friends were quick to warn Tak not to engage in political wars.
“I have thought twice so I have changed my mind,” she said after removing the offending posts.
But she also sympathised with Akong’s family. “I love my family and my dad too.” 
In the past, Tak has been attacked for posing sexily and showing her ample cleavage. But she can’t change her looks. And she’ll keep up with her outspoken ways in hopes people will notice her mind as well.
“I’m not stupid,” the starlet says.
Tan’s tea party
Ichitan Group president and CEO Tan Passakornnatee enjoys being in the limelight and whatever he does, it makes headlines.
We’ve seen the bottled-tea titan work as a volunteer during last year’s floods. He was also a victim whose new factory was submerged. He’s even taken to the stage to perform a talk show and clowned around with his pal, comedian Udom “Nose” Taepanich.
And now we’ve seen him deny rumours that he was going to run for governor of Bangkok.
On Wednesday, he posted on his Facebook page, which is “liked” by 1.4 million fans, swearing he’ll never enter politics.
“If anyone sees me registering my candidacy, please, hit me on the head with a bottle of Ichitan green tea,” he wrote. “I am a capable businessman but that doesn’t make me someone who can administrate the country. It’s not something you play around with.”
So he silenced the rumours, but how’d they get started in the first place?
Perhaps Tan was just looking for a way to get in the news. If so, mission accomplished.

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