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Mom Noi's in love with his "foreign" kids

Apr 04. 2014
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Director ML Bhandevanov "Mom Noi" Devakula is standing up to the sceptics who doubt that it's possible to remake a classic film with look krueng (half-Caucasian, half-Thai) actors in the lead roles.
Mom Noi is currently filming “Plae Kao” (“The Old Scar”) in Suphan Buri with Davika “Mai” Hoorne playing Riam and Chaiyapon “New” Pupart as Kwan. The story and the characters are branded into every Thai’s memory, so it’s a high ladder for any successors to climb.
   By coincidence the stars both have Belgian blood, but for that reason Mom Noi believes “they have the right chemistry for this love story of Kwan and Riam”. He gives them all thumbs up for the determination and effort they displayed at an acting workshop in Bangkok before the production moved to the shoot location in Suphan Buri. “They worked hard and it paid off when they arrived at the location because by then they were ‘living’ their characters,” Mom Noi says. 
   Mai and New have famously found it tough doing a period film that requires unfamiliar skills – like harvesting rice and riding water buffalo. But it seems they overcame every challenge because the director’s confidence has shot up since seeing them on the job. How confident is he? Mom Noi says we need to watch Mai and New carefully from now on, because they’re about to become the hottest couple in cinema. 
Jui jumps back in
Actress Warattaya “Jui” Nilkuha has made a great return to the small screen following an absence of almost two years since her contract with Kantana expired. The beloved former “sweet face” on Channel 7, dating back to 2003, eclipsed her previous work with the just-ended Channel 3 series “Samee Tee Tra” (“Registered Husband”). 
   Jui was playing a bad lady for the first time but pulled it off with aplomb, earning lots of praise, and this despite the fact that she was acting opposite Tanawat “Pope” Wattanaputi and Channel 3 veteran Chermarn “Ploy” Boonyasak. Jui was indeed a standout as Sai Namphueng, best friend of Karat (Ploy) until they fell into a jealous spat. 
   The feedback has been so good that people are wondering if Channel 3 is offering Jui a contract. “It’s difficult to say because I’m still under contract to Workpoint Entertainment, so I have to talk to the phuyai [executives] first,” she says. Jui says she’s not looking for a big paycheque, though. She’s more interested in quality roles rather than quantity. “So far I’ve rejected about seven series already.  I’d rather do them one by one.” 
   She’s not playing hard to get, she says, just keeping in mind her future career and her current responsibilities with Workpoint, for whom she hosts a singing contest. 

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