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"Heart Attack" time as Nawapol hits the big leagues

May 07. 2015
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Nawapol Thamrongrattanarit continued to draw masses of fans with such delightful offerings as "Mary is Happy, Marry is Happy" and his last film, the documentary "The Master".

Now it’s time to move into the big leagues. Nawapol is for the first time working within “the studio system”, under the umbrella of Thailand’s most successful production company, GTH. He started shooting “Heart Attack” last week with a high-profile cast that includes Sunny Suwanmethanon, who’s fresh from success in “I Fine Thank You Love You”, last year’s top-grossing film with a Bt331-million take.

Sunny’s co-star is equally hot actress Davika “Mai” Hoorne, who did equally well with the 2013 blockbuster “Pee Mak Phra Khanong”. Also appearing are actress-singer Violette Wautier and Torpong Chantabubha.

So far we’re heard little about the story line, other than the fact that Mai plays a dermatologist, and this is her first role that’s not in period costume. (As well as “Pee Mak”, you’ll recall her in “Plae Kao” (“The Scar”, directed by ML Bandevanop Devakul.)

Nawapol actually already knows the folks at GTH because he helped script another of its hit movies, “Rot Fai Fah Maha Nather” (“Bangkok Traffic Love Story”), as well as “Top Secret” and “Rak 7 Pee Dee 7 Hon” (“Seven Something”).

Channel 3 plucks Peach

It was widely rumoured, but it still came as a shock to hear that Pachara “Peach” Chirathivat will star in the new Channel 3 TV series “Rang Tawan” produced by Varayuth Mintachinda. A lot of people have been saying he’d left GTH and signed a five-year contract with Channel 3, but only when he showed up at Channel 3 for a costume fitting this week did the rest of us believe it.

Peach confirms that he’s terminated his contract with GTH affiliate Nadao Co, run by Songyos Sukmakanan. Nadao is a modelling agency that casts actors for GTH and it also produces the hit TV show “Hormones the Series”.

One of several young actors from the GTH juggernaut who’ve become rising-stars-to-watch, Peach has had more success than most. He had his memorable debut in “Suckseed” and then appeared in the dramas “Countdown” and “Top Secret” and the teen hit “Hormones”.

Peach says life had become more complicated lately because he’s actually focusing on music with his band, White Rose, and his commitments there didn’t match GTH’s needs. He insists there was no particular conflict with the big studio apart from the work schedule. Approached by Channel 3, he decided to expand his horizons and sign up for a TV drama there – and he plans to tackle just one project at a time. In “Rang Tawan” he appears opposite Sucharat “Aom” Manaying, Atichart Chumnanon and Sirin Pridiyanon.

GTH devotees would of course love to see him back in the GTH fold, whether in a movie or another series, especially the upcoming Season 3 of “Hormones”, but Peach just isn’t saying whether or not he’s still involved – or even interested.


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