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Full strength B-Floor

Jul 15. 2015
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Bangkok troupe is staging two new works back-to-back at separate venues

B-FLOOR THEATRE’S “Satapana: Red Tank”, artistic director Teerawat “Ka-ge” Mulvilai’s commentary on censorship, premiered last October as part of the Pridi Banomyong Institute’s Diverse Arts Festival and won Best Performance by Male Artist award at the annual IATC Thailand Dance and Theatre Review. Less than a month later, he staged, and also performed in, “Satapana: Iceberg” as part of Bangkok Theatre Festival (BTF) at Sodsai Pantoomkomol Centre for Dramatic Arts, and it came out the biggest winner at the BTF Awards, winning best movement-based performance, best performance by male artist, best direction and best art direction.

These reasons alone should be enough to make us want to watch the third and last instalment in this series “Iceberg: The Invisible”, which opened on Tuesday at Democrazy Theatre Studio.

 “Our original idea was to restage ‘Iceberg’ here but then the space wouldn’t fit that work,” says Ka-ge. “At the end of both ‘Red Tank’ and ‘Iceberg’, a wooden-masked character appeared and I’d like to further discuss this unknown character called ‘Satapana’ [literally ‘establishment’] and what he does on a daily basis. Of course, you don’t need to have watched either ‘Red Tank’ or ‘Iceberg’ to understand what I’m commenting on. Symbols, like large ice cubes and glass jars of preserved items, are clear enough for the audience to interpret.”

The day after “The Invisible” finishes its run this Saturday, two younger members of B-Floor, Sarut Komalittipong and Sasapin Siriwanij, will stage their new work “WW101”.

“Last year marked the 100th anniversary of the start of World War I but we think the number ‘101’ is more dynamic than ‘100’, which looks complete and finished, and also reminds us of the introductory classes we took at the university. In other words, it’s not only about that war,” says Sarut.

“From our classes, Sasapin and I knew what happened in that war and we realise that wars continue all around the world, but we didn’t feel it as strongly until we went to Krakow. After agreeing on the title, we worked with the three performers on our images of war. We don’t want to give the audience information about any specific wars they know about. The idea of co-directing works well for our schedules as, for example, I can start a scene and she comes in to develop it and we finalise it together.”

Not only are the two directors young, the three performers are younger still.

 “When we think of war, we think of young men, who have a long life ahead of them, and that’s why we cast three young male performers,” Sarut explains. “I’m not saying other members of B-Floor are too old to move as vehemently.”

For his part, Ka-ge is delighted that “Secret Keeper”, by another member of B-Floor, Dujdao Vadhanapakorn will also open soon at Bangkok Art and Culture Centre’s Performative Arts Festival.

“I’m happy of course. B-Floor has developed to become a company of directors and we always encourage each and every member to stage their own works, or collaborate with members of other companies, in their specific styles and on topics they’re interested in.”


- “Iceberg: The Invisible” continues until Saturday at Democrazy Theatre Studio in Soi Saphan Khu, Rama IV Road (MRT Lumphini, Exit 1). Shows are at 8pm. Tickets are Bt490 (at the door) and Bt450 (advanced payment). Call 081 441 5718, or e-mail

- “WW101” runs from Sunday to August 3 at the Pridi Banomyong Institute (BTS Thong Lor, Exit 3). Shows are 4pm on Sundays and 8pm Monday to Thursday. Tickets are Bt450. Call (089) 167 4039 or e-mail

- Enjoy both shows for Bt840. For more details, check


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