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Getting rid of redness

Nov 18. 2015
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A new product from Eucerin is especially designed to help women with Hypersensitive skin

THAILAND’S WINTER is on its way and despite the tropical climate, the cooler, drier air can be a major problem for anyone with sensitive skin.

A recent study by Eucerin revealed that 90 per cent of Asian women suffer from sensitive skin to a greater or lesser degree, with their skin easily irritated by chemicals contained in cosmetics and nourishment products, as well as by pollution and other factors.

Changing cosmetic brands or skincare products does not alleviate the problem as their skin continues to be as sensitive as before. To make matters worse, the constant change leads women to have what is called “hypersensitive skin”, a condition when only a small touch of dust or chemicals causes irritation. And with the effects of sensitive skin often so visible that no concealer can hide them, many women lose confidence in the way they look.

“A lot of people do not know that sensitive skin can easily develop into hypersensitive skin, due to the fact that it is harmed continually until it becomes damaged at the molecular level,” says Associate Professor Noppadol Noppakun of Chulalongkorn University and director of the Dermatological Society of Thailand.

 “When your skin is weak due to previous unhealthy practices, external factors from pollution and sunlight to chemicals can and will easily harm your skin. It can worsen your skin by agitating the sensitive areas.”

Dr Poohglin Tresukosol of the Institute of Dermatology confirms that patients who are diagnosed with sensitive skin usually have allergies to the fragrance or preservatives in cosmetic products – including shower gels – but are not aware of these until they break out in a rash.

“Most go from brand to brand hoping they will find a product that doesn’t hurt their skin. When this fails, they consult a dermatologist. We can provide treatment but it takes a long time and we can only recommend they use skincare products or moisturisers containing no fragrances or preservatives.”

One of these is the new Eucerin Ultra Sensitive range, which is especially formulated for hypersensitive skin.

“We are really proud of this product, which is the result of long and extensive research,” says Kai-Boris Bendix, managing director of Beiersdorf.

Eucerin’s latest SymSitive innovation claims to act instantly on irritated skin, helping the skin stay protected from harm, and slowing down its reaction to sunlight, pollution and other harmful factors. Arginine acts as helper in adding moisture while making the skin soft and safeguarding the skin from returning to its past sensitive or irritated condition. For its part, Licochalcone A is an anti-oxidant that helps lessen irritation on the surface level. Red marks will be reduced, promoting a better chance of glowing skin.

- For every purchase of Eucerin Ultra Sensitive at Eucerin counters and Boots, Bt100 will be donated to the Dermatolo-gical Society of Thailand.

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