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Superlatives for the skin

Jul 06. 2016
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Australian holistic skincare brand Aesop sets up shop in Bangkok
ONE OF THE world’s |best-known holistic skincare brands, Aesop from Australia recently arrived in Thailand with the launch of its first counter at upmarket mall Siam Paragon. 
Established in Melbourne almost 30 years ago, the brand offers a range of products designed for even the most sensitive skin, with such ingredients as parsley seed playing a dominant role.
Aesop’s chief executive Michael O’Keeffe stopped off in Bangkok for the launch of the counter and told XP that he considers Thailand an important new country for the brand. 
“Producing exceptional products is at the very heart of Aesop. We don’t just focus on product functionality like anti-ageing and whitening but also on how we present our skincare range. We are different from other brands in that we have never sought celebrity endorsement. We prefer to let our products speak for themselves,” he says. 
And this they do more than adequately, marrying science and nature to formulate a range of skin, hair, and body care treatments that combine plant-based and laboratory-made ingredients and packing them into bottles designed to keep the UV light out and protect the product as much as possible. 
“We talk to people in terms of the holistic lifestyle – how they eat, sleep, drink and exercise. We don’t believe that what is in the jar can solve all problems even when it is prepared with neither silicon nor paraben, and has no synthetic perfume,” says O’Keeffe.
“Diet and overall health are also important.”
Oxidation occurs every day as part of our metabolic functioning and plays a vital role in overall health. However, the process of oxidation also unleashes free radicals, which can damage healthy cells. Free radicals occur in greater numbers after the skin is exposed to UVA and UVB rays, pollution, or when the skin experiences minor trauma. Smoking, stress and lack of sleep add to the problem.
The answer lies in anti-oxidants, which are found in a variety of foods and bring health benefits by neutralising free radicals. Regular helpings of foods such as olive oil, citrus fruits and coffee are recommended for everyday wellbeing. Topical application of anti-oxidants is also encouraged to fortify the skin. Vitamins A, C and E are easily absorbed by the skin and assist in repairing and protecting surface cells. 
The water-soluble topical vitamin C derivative, magnesium ascorbyl phosphate, helps to reduce formation of free radicals. 
Aesop’s Parsley Seed Skin Care range provides especially potent doses of anti-oxidant-rich ingredients, in formulations suited to all skin types. Mandarin Facial Hydrating Cream is a lightweight, citrus oil-infused moisturising cream for normal or combination skin. 
This rapidly absorbed cream’s citrus-derived ingredients cool, tone and balance the skin and help in rehydration. For deep cleansing, the Primrose Facial Cleansing Masque, also containing anti-oxidants, is suited to most skin types. This clarifying clay formulation decongests and refreshes the skin while delivering optimal hydration. Its inclusion of Vitamin E ensures skin isn’t left stripped of moisture. 
“Our long-term perspective calls for a slow and methodical approach to any new market. We hope to open two to three stores a year but we consider it more important to get the level of customer service up to the standard that we expect so that we are able to connect to customers,” O’Keeffe says,
“We are still relatively small but we are growing, in terms of both our digital and physical presence. We are a product-focused company and regularly launch new products for skin, hair and body in response to genuine needs expressed by our customers.”

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