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Feast your eyes on Felipe Pantone

Dec 07. 2018
Felipe Pantone
Felipe Pantone
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Siam Center vibrates with optical art, adding maximum dazzle to the holidays

ARGENTINEAN-Spanish artist Felipe Pantone has four of his kinetic, optical and futuristic works on view at Siam Center in Bangkok until December 31. The atrium has also been transformed into a “W3-Dimensional Park” filled with immersion experiences.

“What I’m doing lately is an extraction of creativity, imagination and sheer excitement,” he says. “I think it has the potential to be the ‘artwork of the year’ because it brings together the worlds of advanced digital technology and art. 

Felipe Pantone

“My Original Arts 2018 series will be unveiled for the first time, too – ‘Chromadynamica#81’ and ‘Chromadynamica#82’, ‘Oprichromie#107’ and ‘Subtractive Variability#25. These were formed using high-level spraying techniques, seamlessly delivering colour gradients on large planes of canvas – all done by hand.”

Standing on the shoulders of op-art stars like Victor Vasarely and Carlos Cruz-Diez, Pantone seeks to create the sensation of vibration as the viewer’s position changes. For this he uses modelling software that allows for 3D views of his frescoes, murals, paintings and sculptures and lends tactile merit to what exists only in the digital world.


“The exhibition’s centrepiece, ‘Phenomenon’, is a product of innovative design and special craftsmanship exclusively tailored for Siam Center,” he says. 

The installation ‘W3-Dimen-shional Park’ was designed for 10x10 square metres as a three-dimensional extravaganza, combining kinetic art with optical illusion techniques. 

“The artwork will manipulate the way people see, tricking the eyes using layers of art pieces, various geometrical objects, interchangeably switching between colours and monochrome. 

W3-Dimensional Park

“Using computer-generated 3D moulds, viewers can experience a sensory overload through contemporary artwork where they can explore various shapes like electric bolt, rainbow, and monochromatic objects. Inspired by the World Wide Web as a three-dimensional space made of countless elements, unexpected configurations, and infinite data, it’s unlike anything you’ve seen before, and it’s exclusive to this event.”

W3-Dimensional Park

Recognised by his peers and the industry as a game-changer, Pantone has a wide-ranging repertoire spanning installations, paintings and murals in unusual settings. The Internet and the ways it has transformed the way people inspires most of his work, resulting in a crossover type of artwork between glitch effects and op-art.

The artist gained fame with street murals at the Mesa Contemporary Arts Centre and Long Beach Museum of Art in the US and at the Palais de Tokyo in France, and with a painting on the bridge across the Guadalmedina River in Spain. 

Siam Center’s new Christmas tree draws on Pantone’s work and can be seen from Rama I Road. It’s an assembly of triangles forming a pyramid, illuminating with colours and dazzling lights.


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