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Life in little pieces

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A conceptual artist based in Rotterdam, Rabin Huissen brings his latest collection of works to Bangkok for the exhibition “Fragments”, opening at Rebel Art Space Residency tomorrow evening (June 28) at 5pm.




Life in little pieces

Huissen’s work is very precise in defining its own parameters and also in terms of material and composition  where each part of the work is designed and made by himself. Yet, they are also very physical and organic, mapping inner feelings and revealing physical reactions through an echo of abstractions. His work is based on the idea that facts per se are not interesting, they only gain meaning when mediated by humans and with the interference of external conditions.


Life in little pieces

The time-based prints are evidence of an intimate experience, reflecting on a personal encounter based on travelling out of daily life, undressed from social roles or masks. At the same time this event was occurring, at that precise point in time, something else was happening to someone else and the work moderates and connects this simultaneity. By preserving the energy of the moment in that object, the artist’s history links to that of other people’s. In this sense, his body is used as a tool for a correspondence on a meta level, which embodies the wish for completeness and the aspiration for wholeness. 


Life in little pieces

Admission is free. The gallery is an easy walk from BTS Phra Kanong exit 1. 
For more information, please call (081) 666 8383 or email: [email protected]

Published : June 27, 2019