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NTT unveils IoT innovation for production efficiency

Jul 25. 2019
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NTT Communications (Thailand) has unveiled its latest Internet of Things-technology-based service aimed at helping medium to large manufacturing plants increase production efficiency.

NTT’s intelligence process optimisation is a one-stop service starting from consulting service, exploring areas and systems to offer appropriate solutions, network design and the provision of data storage equipment and working platform for production data storage centralisation. The company said that centralised data storage will help the factory make data linkage between internal and external control centres to ensure better analysis on daily working status. In addition, a system to monitor the operation is also included so that if an error or interruption occurs, an alert will be sent to ensure a solution is provided immediately.

Sanit Kashemsanta na Ayudhaya, NTT Communications (Thailand) Co Ltd’s vice president of product and service department, said, “It’s estimated that only four per cent of manufacturing factories in Thailand have used Internet of Things [IoT] to manage their production system. To increase production efficiency, NTT Com is offering a new intelligence process optimisation service by integrating IoT technology with operating technology to use in the factory’s manufacturing process appropriately.

Sanit Kashemsanta na Ayudhaya, vice president of product and service department, NTT Communications (Thailand) Co Ltd

“We did a survey to examine working processes in large production plants and found that a major problem of the plant processes came from the scattered storage of production data, errors caused by methods of storing data, and mistakes from manual work.”

Sanit added, “To help tackle such problems, NTT’s service will help the factory on data management, risk management and monitoring, recording, and analysing the status of the factory’s real-time operation around the clock. “This will help the factory reduce manufacturing errors, enhance the stability of the production process, shorten time for storing data and improve the factory’s working process. The factory will be able to collect data from warehouses and production equipment to be analysed and discover the process’ deficiency as well as causes of the damage from the production process quickly and precisely.”

Sanit said the service will help factories reduce cost and increase competitiveness so they can adapt themselves to move towards digital transformation “which requires speed and accuracy to serve market demands rapidly”. He said the company plans to deliver the new IoT-based service to medium to large-sized factories in the automotive, energy, food and chemical industries.

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