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Indorama Ventures imparts recycling knowledge to students

Sep 09. 2019
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Indorama Ventures (IVL) has educated more than 1,000 students at the elementary and secondary levels at Wattana Wittaya Academy under its recycling programme.

IVL’s Recycling Education project, carried out by the company’s corporate social responsibility team and part of the school’s “Integrated Asean” academic event, taught the students the importance of waste sorting, the value of different waste material, and the practice of proper waste separation. 

As part of the event, the company held an exhibition on recycled materials, including PET, plastic that can produce recycled resin and fibre, both of which are utilised in various industries such as textile and packaging. 

IVL also provided the school with trash bins for recyclable waste and baskets for PET plastic.

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