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Allianz Ayudhya focuses on palliative care

Sep 12. 2019
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Allianz Ayudhya’s new “Lucky that you can choose” advertising campaign is aimed at encouraging Thais to be prepared for late-life illness and ensured of a peaceful death.

The firm said it is ready to help whether the customer opts for full treatment at hospital or palliative care at home.

Allianz Ayudhya Assurance PCL Country Chief Customer Officer Patchara Taveechaiwattana noted “fierce competition” in the life- and health-insurance business and said the firm is different from others in making clear that “we not only compensate for medical bills, but are also a friend who is always there for the customer”. 

“We help them think and we take care of them physically and mentally, including their feelings and those of their loved ones,” she said. “Our advertising campaign is focused on our holistic care services, which include both medical insurance coverage and additional health services without charge to provide physical and mental care. 

“We take palliative care, a new phenomenon for Thai society, and provide education. Patients should be involved in making decisions about their own treatment options before they become unable to do so. Allianz Ayudhya is ready to take care and support in every way you choose.”

The “Lucky that you can choose” commercial presents the story of one family in which the father is sick in hospital. After the mother informs her son that his father wants to go home, he has to make the choice between treatment in hospital or at home. 

The son is torn. Being a good son means treating his father with the best medical equipment possible, which his insurance policy covers anyway. Or should he honour his father’s wish, since the insurance policy also provides nursing services in the home?

The commercial does more that provoke discussion about palliative care, Patchara said. It highlights the interaction involved in selecting the best option. There is no right or wrong choice. You just have to know what each option offers. 

“This advertisement is the beginning of a campaign that will create awareness among Thai people so that they have more knowledge and understanding about palliative care,” she said. 

“After this we will have ongoing activities, both educating and sharing good information through various media such as the ‘Healthy Living’ channel and ‘Healthy Living Day’ activities coming in November.” 

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