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Tips on efficient and safe use of electricity during summer

Apr 15. 2020
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The Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA) sees a sharp spike in electricity usage among residential users with more people working from home due to the government's social distancing policy amid the Covid-19 outbreak, Phasuk Sampunnachote, director of corporate communications, said on Tuesday (April 14).

“Increasing the temperature of devices during summer affects people’s usage of electrical appliances, such as using air-conditioners and electric fans for long hours, or opening refrigerators more often,” she added. “We advise users to maintain electrical appliances in good condition to make them safe for heavier usage and to save on power bills.”

Phasuk further added that the optimal power efficient temperature of an air-conditioner during summer is 26 degrees Celsius or higher. “If you feel that is not cool enough, try turning on an electric fan towards the persons in the room,” she said. “An electric fan will create more airflow and increase wind velocity, which will help you feel as cool as 24 degrees without lowering the setting on the air-conditioner.”

She suggested that air-conditioners be cleaned at least twice a year to reduce accumulated dust that could lower maximum efficiency, besides sanitation reason especially when respiratory diseases are the main public concern at the moment.

“Make sure to check electrical wires for any damage, install a ground wire if you haven’t already done so. Also, unplug your appliances when you finish using them or when you are away to save on power bill and prevent electrical fire.”

For further information on safe and efficient electricity usage, visit MEA’s Facebook page, Line: @meathailand and Twitter: @mea_news or contact MEA call centre on 1130 at any time. Users can also download the MEA Smart Life mobile application via App Store and Google Play Store to get access to a variety of services of MEA.

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