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Dtac Business offers new solutions for corporate clients

Sep 25. 2020
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By The Nation

Dtac Business, a Total Access Communications (Dtac) unit created to provide solutions to corporate customers, is highlighting three new offerings to help Thai businesses leapfrog into a digital future.

• Mobility solution: A simple package with zero hidden fees that offers unlimited free calls to all networks and “worry free” SIMs that automatically upgrade data packages. This means existing clients are guaranteed plans that are equally attractive as those offered to new customers. The service also covers device care and virtual PBX for a more efficient management of calls and data usage to keep costs low.

• IoT solution: This package is integrated with Dtac’s own technology, including a managed IoT cloud platform and 4G IoT SIM connectivity. The solution offered includes machine to machine (M2M) links with SIMs supporting communications between devices such as ATMs, vehicles and telematics. Users will also be provided with consultancy services on IoT investment that is tailored to each industry.

• SmartConnect: A turnkey cloud solution that enables remote work, boosts collaboration and heightens security. Dtac Business is adopting multiple cloud services, building on the provider’s strength in connectivity and mobility, as well as synergising with strategic partners in leading cloud services.

Dtac is also offering customisation of multi-cloud services to offer innovative solutions. Its cloud solutions are suitable for both large corporations and SMEs, making operations more agile and efficient.

Dtac Business has also launched an e-care and e-store to cater to changing customer behaviour, where consumers prefer to manage their call and data plans themselves. Dtac has also launched a new business call centre to cater to corporate clients.

Rajiv Bawa, Dtac’s chief executive officer, said: “Business is always tough, but 2020 is particularly disruptive. Making the need for simple, worry-free solutions all the more pressing in Thai companies, particularly SMEs. They need data and call packages that are affordable and without extra charges. They need simple IT tools that can be implemented without an IT team, and that can help make their data both more secure and more easily accessible remotely. And finally, all customers expect improved digital channels. That pressure is both on our customers and on us, which is why we’ve launched a new e-care platform.

“Much of the pressure to digitalise is coming one or two years earlier than anticipated. We want to make the digital future an opportunity rather than a threat for our clients. We can help them embrace digital solutions internally but also in their communication with their customers, allowing them to grow their business with touch-free experiences adapted to the new normal,” he said.

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