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Five solutions being considered to tackle noise pollution from red line trains

The Department of Rail Transport (DRT) has offered five solutions to tackle noise pollution from electric trains and suburban trains in Bangkok and its vicinity after complaints from the public about the dark red line, Bang Sue - Taling Chan.

The Department of Rail Transport clarified that the construction of electric trains and suburban trains in Bangkok and its vicinity had been designed and analysed for environmental impacts.

An environmental impact assessment report had been prepared in accordance with Section 46 of the Enhancement and Conservation of National Environmental Quality Act BE 2535 and its amendments for noise and vibration to be in accordance with the standard, the department said.

The department said it had examined and found that there were no complaints about the rail network in the area that the Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand was responsible for, on the Blue Line and the Purple Line. However, there were some complaints on the Green Line and the Dark Red Line.

The railways authority held discussions with the SRT, and reached the following conclusions:

1. The SRT has adjusted the train operation practice from the original 4am for trial runs to no later than midnight.

2. SRT has urged train operators to use the horn only when necessary.

3. SRT is considering the installation of soundproof walls in the community near the railway boundary to reduce the noise impact on the people.

4. SRT is considering closing the steerageway/installing a barrier to prevent intruders from entering the traffic area, which poses a risk and leads to use of horns.

5. The DRT and SRT carry out inspections and maintenance of roadways in good condition to reduce the noise effect, especially around curves.

Srisuwan Janya, president of the Association against Global Warming, had submitted a petition to the Office of the Auditor-General on August 20, acting on complaints from people affected by noise and vibration problems from various electric train lines, especially the dark red line trains. He stated that several complaints had been made to the relevant authorities, but no action was taken to fix the problem.

Published : August 22, 2021

By : The Nation