Mon, January 24, 2022


With reopening of country, Phuket expects more cases, but nothing to worry about: doctor

With the reopening of the kingdom to travellers from 63 countries without quarantine, the number of infected people is likely to increase by the middle of this month, but it’s nothing to worry about, Phuket Public Health doctor Dr Kusak Kukiattikul maintained on Wednesday.

Phuket is presently seeing around 50-60 cases per day.

Kusak said Phuket residents’ mindsets have changed quite a bit. More asymptomatic patients are accepting treatment at home and more people are coming in for vaccinations.

When assessing the situation from past sandbox statistics, the total number of infected people is around 0.3 per cent. If the number of tourists increases to 1,500-2,000 per day, it is still within the capacity of public health, he said.

“Phuket has been through two rounds of crises, gaining lessons and experiences. In the previous round, there were more than 4,500 patients in hospitals, most with minor symptoms. Now, there are only around 800 people in hospitals,” Kusak said.

“In an emergency, many field hospitals that have been closed can be reopened in 24 hours,” he added.

Published : November 03, 2021