Fri, May 27, 2022


Do you drive? Beware: you can see points cut from your licence for a traffic offence

The Department of Land Transport will introduce a system from December 1 to cut points from licences of drivers who violate traffic rules and laws, Chirut Wisanchit, director-general of the department under the Transport Ministry, said on Thursday.

The cuts will be based on the severity of the offence and be divided into three groups – 10, 20, and 30 points. A driver’s licence will have 100 points.

A motorist whose licence score is cut to zero points will be suspended from driving for 90 days. If the licence is suspended more than two times in three years, the driver will face a 180-day ban from taking the wheel.

If for example a driver commits the serious offence of transporting narcotics, or driving without regard for the safety or others, or is involved in causing a serious accident, his/her license will be suspended immediately and the points cut down to zero.

Those whose scores have been cut can choose to attend training and take a test.

A 2-hour training course will help the driver gain 50 points back, while a 4-hour training course will see the driver receive a full 100 points back.

Published : November 18, 2021