Wed, June 29, 2022


Don: It’s not a bad thing that Thailand was not invited to global Democracy Summit

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The US-hosted Summit for Democracy, which Thailand did not receive an invitation to, is not a regular meeting and many Asean members were not invited either, Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Don Pramudwinai said on Thursday.

On Wednesday, the US State Department announced a list of 110 countries that would participate in the first online Summit for Democracy on December 9 and 10. Thailand did not appear on the invitation list. China and Russia, too, were not invited. Only three Asean countries were asked to attend – Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines.

“One of the countries that the US wants to join the summit is Taiwan, and it’s not a bad thing for us not to be asked to join because Thailand does not need to participate in some meetings. All this depends on the suitability factor, Don said.

In Thailand, some people are highlighting the matter with the aim to benefit from it in domestic politics and create a bad image for the government, he added.

Published : November 25, 2021