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SATURDAY, June 10, 2023
Most Thais fear double-spike of Covid, PM2.5 over Chinese New Year

Most Thais fear double-spike of Covid, PM2.5 over Chinese New Year

SUNDAY, January 23, 2022

Most Thais are worried about a simultaneous spike of Covid-19 and PM2.5 air pollution over the busy Chinese New Year period.

The Department of Health’s latest opinion poll shows 65 per cent of Thais are concerned about the spread of Covid-19 and high levels of hazardous dust around lunar New Year celebrations on February 1.

Respondents said their biggest fear of infection was from going shopping on February 1 (51.8 per cent). This was followed by infection at family gatherings at home (42 per cent), and infection among the vulnerable elderly group (41.2 per cent).

Meanwhile, 35 per cent said they were not worried at all. Of these, 71.9 per cent cited their strong health, 33.3 per cent were accustomed to the situation, and 29.7 per cent said they were protected by vaccination.

In case of a double spike in Covid-19 and PM2.5, 85.3 per cent of respondents said they would protect themselves by wearing face masks in public, 72.5 per cent by washing their hands often, and 64.3 per cent by monitoring the epidemic and hazardous dust situation.