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MONDAY, December 05, 2022
THB110 million paid out in vaccination compensation

THB110 million paid out in vaccination compensation

THURSDAY, September 02, 2021

The National Health Security Office (NHSO) has so far received 3,888 applications for its vaccination compensation programme, with 99 requests still pending further information.

NHSO committees have considered 2,875 complaints of adverse effects from vaccination and agreed to pay initial compensation totalling 110.29 million baht. However, 914 of those complaints were rejected by officials.

NHSO secretary-general Jadej Thammathacharee said initial compensation was divided into three levels according to the severity of adverse reactions.

Level 1 offers compensation up to 100,000 baht for symptoms requiring continuous treatment. There were 2,641 recipients of level 1 compensation.

Level 2 offers compensation of up to 240,000 baht for damage, dismemberment or disability that affects livelihood (12 recipients).

Level 3 offers up to 400,000 baht in case of death or permanent disability after vaccination. A total of 222 recipients and relatives of the deceased have received level 3 payments.

Bangkok had the most complaints with 840 cases, followed by Chiang Mai (559) and Ubon Ratchathani (451). However, Saraburi saw the highest compensation payment – of 13 million baht.

Payment of initial compensation is not an admission that the vaccination had caused the adverse effects, but rather a remedy to reduce the impact, said Dr Jadej. He added that the NHSO will not ask recipients to return the compensation money even if it is later proved that the symptoms in question were not caused by the vaccine.