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Motorists beware! Police’s broader, sharper electronic eyes watching you

Feb 01. 2017
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By The Nation

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The Metropolitan Police Bureau Wednesday boasted that it has enforced broader and sharper electronic eyes to catch all types of traffic violations in the capital, not just red light running.

The measure has already been implemented but it will be enforced more broadly and strictly starting from Wednesday. 

Currently, most cameras are positioned at intersections to catch motorists who run red lights but the new measure would catch motorists driving in the wrong lane and breaking the speed limit as well, the bureau announced confidently. Moreover, the cameras will be portable and randomly relocated so motorists would not know whether they are being watched or not.

Photos of speeding vehicles, their license numbers and of those who have violated traffic regulations will be used as evidence to prosecute the wrongdoers. 

A traffic ticket called “E-ticket” will be mailed to the driver’s address to inform them how and where to pay the fine. 

Police officers from 88 stations in Bangkok will be deployed at various locations to prevent traffic law violations.

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