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New Constitution may not change politics, says Abhisit

Apr 13. 2017
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The leader of Democrat Party and former prime minister Abhisit Vejjajiva was not certain if the new Constitution could change the nature of politics, despite the current regime’s hope that it could.

Abhisit said on Thursday that the charter writer had aimed to improve politics via the new Constitution but he had always warned that political issues did not originate from the charter or any law but from the behaviour of political players.

He said there were no guarantees that the new set of rules would solve the issues when the behaviour of politicians remained unchanged.

More importantly, the new checks and balances mechanisms, such as the powerful Senate, could turn into a new source of conflict if abused, the veteran politician warned. He said he saw that society was the best determining factor that could pressure and steer politics in the right direction.

“[The solution to] the problem doesn’t lie only in the rules but also in the people in society who should put pressure on politicians and make them behave,” Abhisit said. “If the people can do that, then it will be the best policy to prevent similar problems. The government should raise awareness about this. It has been done so little in the past.”


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