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Cat lovers file animal cruelty complaint over YouTube video

Jun 09. 2017
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A group of cat lovers on Friday planned to file a police complaint against “My Mate Nate”, a controversial American social media celebrity, for alleged cruelty to animals for his YouTube video that pitted two cats against a scorpion.

Nutch Prasopsin, the administrator of the website “Toon Hua Khong Bao” (or Kingdom of Tigers), said on Friday that she and her group would file their complaint at the Huai Khwang police station at 4pm against “My Mate Nate”, whose real name is Nate Bartling.

She accused the famous YouTuber of committing cruelty against animals for exposing his cats to a venomous animal.

On her website, Nutch called on animal lovers to show their force against acts of cruelty against animals.

The controversial YouTube video, titled “Cat vs scorpion: Who will win?”, was posted three days ago and got more than 834,000 views.

My Mate Nate, who is an expatriate, has 3.1 million subscribers of his YouTube channel and more than 900,000 followers on his Facebook account

According to his YouTube video about his life, his is an American who lives in Bangkok and loves making movies. He has lived in Thailand for just a little over three years. “I never went to university. I only finished high school,” he said.

He has been famous for “prank videos” that make fun of other people.

The American came under fire last year after he posted a video in which he “tested” people’s comprehension of English by posing embarrassing questions to them, such as asking if they were menstruating. He later publicly apologised for doing so.

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