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Myanmar postpones telecom tax on top-up charges

May 28. 2015
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By Myanmar Eleven

All Parliament members voted unanimously Wednesday to postpone the 5 per cent commercial tax on telecom top-up cards, amid huge complaints from consumers.
The three telecom companies recently announced that under the new telecom tax law, mobile phone users would have to pay a 5 per cent tax on top-up cards from June 1. Their clients have voiced strong opposition to the plan. 
Finance Minister Win Shein said in Parliament that the ministry would honour Parliament’s decision. The tax collection would be postponed until the end of the 2015-16 fiscal year, he added. 
Myanmar’s fiscal year starts from April to March.
There are three operators in the country – Myanma Posts and Telecommunications, Ooredoo Myanmar and Telenor Myanmar. As SIM cards become cheaper, the number of phone subscribers in the country is now nearly 10 million. 

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