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Ride Euro II-standard buses, surf the Net for free

Jul 31. 2015
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By The Nation

Passengers riding 550 air-conditioned NGV-fuelled buses in Bangkok can surf the Internet for free thanks to the newly introduced Wi-Fi on board policy.
The Bangkok Mass Transit Authority has announced that the free Wi-Fi onboard service covering 550 European-emission standard II (Euro II) buses will be officially launched on Saturday.
The service is currently available on several of the buses as part of a pilot project.
The BMTA has been working with Plan B media to install Wi-Fi routers on the air-conditioned buses and is using the slogan “Wi-Fi onboard as Wi-Fi connection should be free for all”.
So far, the Euro-II buses on routes 39, 510, 520, 555, 26, 60, 514, 511, 36, 73, 16, 503, 23, 70, 79, 515 and 556 have been installed with routers.
Several bus passengers have tried the service and some have shared their experiences and tips for connecting with the free Wi-Fi service.
A member of the Pantip webboard, who calls himself nickyblood, notes that users must connect their device to the “On Wi-Fi” hotspot.
Then, they will be shown a login page. First-time users must register with their mobile phone number and birth date.
The system will then send the password as an SMS message to the registered phone number.
After the password is entered, the system will play an advertisement clip for 30 seconds and the users can then use the free Wi-Fi connection.

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