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Dhammachayo's followers prevent DSI officials from entering temple

Jun 16. 2016
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By The Nation

Defiant lay followers of Dhammakaya Temple abbot Phra Dhammachayo shot down an agreement between monks and the Department of the Special Investigation, insisting no DSI officials would be allowed to enter the temple.

The leading monks of the temple spent about ten minutes to inform the lay followers that the monks agreed to let the DSI officials enter the temple and meet the abbot but the monks announced at 9:53 am that the followers insisted that the officials would be prohibit from entering the temple to capture their abbot.

The monks said the followers issued a statement that they would allow Phra Dhammachayo to surrender only after there is an elected government. They said they fear that the junta would violate the abbot human's rights.

Phra Sanitwong, who organized a negotiation with DSI deputy chief Suriya Singhakamol minutes earlier, said the monks agreed to allow the DSI officials to enter the temple but the followers disagreed so the monks did not know how to handle the situation.

The search warrant for the DSI officials to enter the temple has only one-day validity and will expire in the evening Thursday.





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