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'Catastrophe', 'tragedy': World media shocked by Trump win

Nov 09. 2016
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By Agence France-Presse

PARIS - Catastrophe, tragedy, humiliation. The world's press reacted with shock at the astonishing election victory of Donald Trump, describing the US president-elect as "dangerous" and unpredictable.     

Here is a round-up of some of the media reaction:


    -- "The US has elected its most dangerous leader. We have plenty to fear. The people of America have stepped into the abyss. The new president-elect is an unstable bigot, sexual predator and compulsive liar. He is capable of anything." (The Guardian, Britain).


    -- "That wasn't a campaign. That was a national crisis. And at the end was the worst possible catastrophe: Donald Trump is president of the United States. The unimaginable has become reality." (Sueddeutsche Zeitung, Germany).


    -- "Trumpocalypse... Shock. A thunder bolt. And dizziness at the thought that Donald Trump will be unpacking his bags in the White House in scarcely two and a half months. The world's leading power is from now on in the hands of the far-right. Fifty per cent of Americans voted in all conscience for a racist, lying, sexist, vulgar, hateful candidate." (Liberation, France).


    -- "Revenge of the deplorables. The most extraordinary presidential campaign in modern history ends in humiliation for Hillary, the pollsters and the elites of business and showbusiness as the voters America forgot sweep Donald to victory." (Daily Mail, Britain).


    -- "Trump's victory confirms the vitality of American democracy, which has the ability to transform itself continuously, but the victory also produces both inside and outside the United States a deluge of uncertainty due to the winner's unpredictability. Trump has to explain what he wants to do. In the meantime, the rest of the world has to digest what has happened tonight: the people of the revolution are knocking at our doors." (La Stampa, Italy).


    "President Donald Trump will declare economic war on our biggest customer (China), wipe unprecedented amounts off global stock markets, usher in extraordinary financial instability, and risk turning the world's biggest economy into a basket case by pushing its national debt past 100 per cent of GDP." (The Age, Australia). 


    "Seen from Paris, Trump's victory, coming after Brexit, is an additional warning. In the world that has opened up with this election, anything is possible -- even that which we have difficulty facing up to -- an extremist party taking power. (Le Monde, France.)


    -- "An American tragedy." (New Yorker, US).

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