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Hacktivists to target Thai government website to protest new law

Dec 22. 2016
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By Deutsche Presse Agentur

A group of hacktivists threatened to strike a Thai government website on Thursday, without specifying the target, in an ongoing cyber protest against a newly passed cyber crime law.

Thailand's military government last week passed a controversial amendment to a cyber crime law that critics say will vastly expand the junta's control over the internet in the country and further silence dissent.

On their Facebook page, Thai Netizens against Single Gateway: Thailand Internet Firewall, the hacktivists said they would spare the  country's traffic police website www.trafficpolice.go.th, citing the latest hack perpetrated by the group late Wednesday.

Details of traffic routes were changed on that website, which has been shut down pending an investigation, traffic police told dpa.

The Computer Crime Act, approved unanimously by the legislature on Friday, will criminalize those distributing online information deemed disruptive to "public safety" and "economic stability."

"The adoption of the Computer-Related Crime Act drastically tightens the chokehold on online expression in Thailand," said Brad Adams, Asia director at Human Rights Watch.

"Hundreds of activists have been prosecuted since the May 2014 coup for exercising their freedom of expression online, and these latest amendments will make it even easier for the junta to punish its critics," Adams added.


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