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Malaysians feel they don’t have enough holidays

Jan 12. 2017
According to a recent survey many Malaysians can only dream of a holiday by a beach, as their circumstances do not allow them to take a vacation. Filepic
According to a recent survey many Malaysians can only dream of a holiday by a beach, as their circumstances do not allow them to take a vacation. Filepic
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Malaysians arguably must be a happy lot. Back from the year-end holidays and again in a couple of weeks there’s going to be another vacation break for most during the long Chinese New Year break.

However, Malaysians don’t seem to think so, as 67% say they feel they don’t take enough vacations. This was according to the 2016 Expedia Vacation Deprivation survey across 28 countries worldwide.

What’s more, based on the results, we are the third most vacation-deprived nation globally. The slightly good news is that we don’t seem to be as deprived compared to 2015 when the nation was the second most deprived in the world.

The majority are taking only 25% of their allocated leave days. The main reason most Malaysians don’t take their vacations is likely poor finances (36%).

The survey also reveals significant disparity in the number of vacation days received across the globe. From countries like Germany and France where average annual allocation for leave is 30 days, Australia (20) and Singapore (18), Malaysia is close to the lowest world bracket with its 16 days a year.

Only 51% of Malaysians use up all their allocated vacations days. But even then, there seems to be difficulty disconnecting from work as 35% admit to checking work e-mails or voicemail at least once or twice while on holiday.

“From the survey findings, we realise that a significant number of Malaysians go from six months up to a year without going on a vacation (37%). Aside from lack of money, the impossible work schedule (34%) and difficulty in coordinating time with loved ones or friends (29%) seem to be the common reasons behind Malaysians’ vacation deprivation.” said Expedia group general manager (South-East Asia and India) Simon Fiquet.

A total of 48% of Malaysians admitted that they have cancelled or postponed vacation plans because of work. Being vacation deprived does not come without consequences. Malaysians reveal that lack of vacation leaves an impact on their professional lives, with 35% admitting to being more stressed at work.

What would Malaysians be willing to give up for one extra day of vacation? The survey asked respondents on what they are willing to give up for an entire week in exchange for one extra day of vacation.

Going on vacations may leave a positive impact and improve a person’s quality of life.

From the survey, the findings reported that after returning from a vacation, Malaysians feel – happier (37%); better rested (29%); less stressed/more relaxed (28%); and in better health (27%).

They are so deprived that 42% of Malaysians stated that they are willing to give up watching television for a week to get an extra day of vacation. This was followed by alcohol and social media with 39% and 33% respectively.

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