Monday, June 14, 2021


Golden retriever rescued from tyre shop hit by fire

Firefighters found a golden retriever barely breathing inside a tyre shop that was engulfed in fire in Angthong on Wednesday morning.



The rescuers attached an oxygen mask to the dog, whose golden hair had turned black because of the smoke and ashes, and rushed it to a vet hospital in Angthong’s Muang district.
The fire started at 6.30am at the Angthong Tyre Centre shop on an Angthong-inbound road in Tambon Ban-it.
Firefighters took about 30 minutes to control the blaze. They entered the shop and found the dog lying in the reception area.
The fire broke out as the owner, Raksa Suwan, 55, was taking his wife to a hospital in Bangkok. He left the dog alone and closed the shop.
Police suspected that the fire was started by a machine that workers forgot to unplug before the shop was closed.

Published : April 26, 2017

By : The Nation