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Tattoo master pays lip service to cosmetics market with ‘mystical’ new fancy gloss range

May 12. 2017
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WHO NEEDS a clever brain to be silver-tongued? All you have to do is put faith in a magical “Sarika Lip” by Thailand’s famous tattoo master Ajarn Noo Kanpai.

Well-known for inking celebrities such as Angelina Jolie and Cara Delevingne, Ajarn Noo is now expanding his mystical business to the cosmetics market. His new stick lip gloss, it is claimed, can “bind friends and lovers, turn foes to friends, talk business, approach senior |people, and attract wealth and luck”.

The clear-coloured lippie with golden flakes in modern packaging has much more than a fancy look. “All lip gloss received incantations from Ajarn Noo and more than 20 Buddhist monks before sale”, read the ads captioning photos of monks praying over boxes of lip gloss.

The lip gloss is boxed with leaflets with three-line holy spells which users are advised to cast before dotting them on their lips, brow, or forehead – or simply carry them around like charms.

While the Bt999 lip gloss (now discounted to Bt799 as it is Ajarn Noo’s birth month) itself is all about superstition, Ajarn Noo doesn’t simply sell the blessed lips via telepathy.

A frequently updated Facebook page has attracted more than 11,000 likes. Its message box is equipped with an auto-reply system which swiftly informs customers of prices, carrier costs, bank account numbers and ordering methods. 

For any doubters, Sarika Lip is not a total make-believe. It is registered with the Food and Drug Administration as “transparent moisturising lip gloss with vitamin E & peppermint”. The gloss is also said to contain Japan-made “hydrogenated polyisobutene” – or simply a moisturising substance. 

For those faith seekers, after ordering the gloss via Facebook or Line channels, they can check out other mystical services by Ajarn Noo on his well-designed bilingual websites, email, Instagram and YouTube channels.

Thailand is undoubtedly a tech-savvy nation. Around 83 per cent of the population, for instance, chats via Line, while more than 41 million Thais are on Facebook.

As these numbers occur in a country where Buddhism and spiritualism blend somewhat seamlessly, the sight of Ajarn Noo casting a spell on lip gloss and selling it via tech-savvy methods is hardly surprising.

“Users are advised to be careful with words and well-mannered, always with smiles on the faces,” suggest the lip gloss leaflets “to achieve the best charms of Sarika Lip”.

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