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Growing elderly population a worry for Thailand: WHO

Aug 03. 2017
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By Phuket Gazette

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The latest statistics from the World Health Organisation paint a relatively healthy picture for Thailand.

Like other Asian countries, the country’s biggest concern is the surge of an older population with fewer younger people filling up the ranks to take over tax-paying jobs that will help fund the lives and health of the older generation. 

The other trend is the bulging demographic of middle-aged Thais.

The “Thailand Population Pyramid” shows age, sex and population data for the past century. The years between 1950 and 2050 show a balance of historical and future projections. 

The most obvious changes are due to increased death rates and a decline or increase in the number of children being born. 

Statistically, coronary heart disease is the No.1 cause of death in Thailand, far behind is stroke, third is influenza and pneumonia, followed by road deaths. Lung disease, HIV and diabetes follow. At the bottom of the list of causes of death are malnutrition, skin cancer and drug use.

The statistics show that, if you’re born today you’ll have a likely life expectancy of 73 if you’re a man and 78 if you’re a woman in Thailand. If you’re already 50 now, add on five years if you’re a man and three more yeas if you’re a woman.

You can check out the numbers at:

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