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Can taxi drivers set rules for passengers?

Aug 09. 2017
Photo from: JS100
Photo from: JS100
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By The Nation

Thai Facebook users are engaged in a hot debate as to whether taxi drivers can set behaviour rules for their passengers.

This follows the posting on a Facebook page of a handwritten page of rules found hanging inside a taxi.

The post, made on the JS100 Radio Facebook page on Wednesday morning, drew over 19,000 reactions, received 482 comments and was shared over 200 times by mid-afternoon.

The piece of paper set several rules, including prohibitions on gum chewing, eating toffee, and using puff powder or perfume.

It goes on to say: “Any chemical must be used elsewhere. If you play games, WhatsApp and Line, please mute the sound, don’t just lower the volume.

“Please be considerate. You are all adults. If you don’t start being considerate first, don’t expect others to be. Bangkok also has buses.”

The sign is in Thai, but at the end it is signed in English, “From Taxi Don’t Care”.

Many Facebook users expressed support for the rules, saying passengers should have manners. But many others criticised the taxi driver for setting too many rules.

“If you want so much privacy, why are you driving a public transport vehicle?” one user posted.

“This kind of sign should be put outside for passengers to see before getting in,” another user posted.

Another post says: “From the reversed view, we prohibit taxi drivers from talking about politics and from rejecting passengers, from hanging garlands, from turning on loud music, from talking over the phone, from bursting anger at other cars, from using old cars. It should [then] be fine for taxis to prohibit us from chewing gum and toffee.”

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