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Good Samaritan returns lost wallet containing Bt31,000

A farmer and scavenger in Maha Sarakham's Muang district has returned a wallet containing Bt31,000 to a PhD student who lost it on a night out with friends and who needs the money to pay his tuition. 



Chakan Chinkham, 43, filed a report with Muang Maha Sarakham police at about 11am on Tuesday to say he had found the wallet, which also contained an ID card, in front of an entertainment venue at around 8am.
He said he wanted to locate the wallet’s owner.
Sangkhom Sapso, 35, a PhD engineering student at Maha Sarakham University, collected the wallet and gave Chakan Bt2,000 reward. 
Chakan said he returned the money because he could sympathise with someone who had lost something valuable. 
"I would feel bad if I lost Bt100 or Bt200 and this is more than Bt30,000," he said, adding that doing a good deed makes a person feel good.
Sangkhom said he went out on Monday night with friends and lost the wallet. 
He said he realised this had happened when police called him.
"I'm lucky that a good man found my wallet and returned it to me," he said.

Published : September 12, 2017

By : The Nation